January check-in: New Year Resolutions update


In order to keep me motivated to achieve my New Year Resolutions I have decided that I will do a monthly check-in post, as close to the last day of the month as I can. In this check-in post I will monitor how well I am doing with my three New Year’s Resolutions (see this post for my full explanation of my New Year’s Resolutions), as well as mentioning anything of note that I’ve achieved in that month.

Here is how I got on with my resolutions in January:

1) Write more – I was aiming for at least 250 words a day and I managed to do that every day, except one, in January. So 30/31 days were successful and in total I wrote 9202 words which is an average of 297 words per day.

2) Improve my cooking skills – I tried several new recipes in January. Not all of them worked perfectly (I may write more about that at a later date) but I know that the only way to improve a skill is by practise.

A recipe that I tried that worked out well was: Chicken tikka masala

A recipe that I felt needed more work was: Vegetable lasagne (which tasted yum but looked a bit of a mess)

3) Read 25 books – I read Let It Snow (click here for my review) at the beginning of January and I finished A Feast For Crows (part of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire series) yesterday. So I have read 2/25 books, which Goodreads tells me makes me 8% through my challenge.