February check-in: New Year Resolutions update


In order to keep me motivated to achieve my New Year Resolutions I decided to do a monthly check-in post, as close to the last day of the month as I can. In this check-in post I will monitor how well I am doing with my three New Year’s Resolutions (see this post for my full explanation of my New Year’s Resolutions).

Here is how I got on with my resolutions in February:

1) Write more – I was aiming for at least 250 words a day and I managed to do that every day in February – hurray! In total I wrote 8735 words which is an average of 312 words per day.

2) Improve my cooking skills – In February I was experimenting with roasting vegetables (parsnips, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes) to see which I preferred. I also cooked a version of the vegetable lasagne (using a different recipe than the one I used in January) and it worked out pretty well. I even served it to actual people who said they enjoyed it! Hurray again. I will try to post the recipe soon.

3) Read 25 books – I read More Than This (click here for my review) by Patrick Ness in early February for my book group and I have been trying to read A Dance with Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust (part of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire series) for the past few weeks. So at the end of February I have read 3/25 books, which Goodreads tells me makes me 12% through my challenge.