New Year Resolutions


New Year's ResolutionsAre they helpful? Will they inspire you to achieve your goals? Or will you try your hardest throughout January, give it a good go in February and then lapse back to old habits come March (if not sooner)?

I usually make a list of about ten or so resolutions for the year. And I usually end up forgetting all about them after a few months; the piece of paper I wrote them on lost somewhere in one of my many notebooks.

So this year I have decided to keep things simple. I will focus on a few resolutions that I really want to achieve and by narrowing my focus I hope to have a higher level of success.

So, my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 are:

1)      Write more – write at least 250 words of fiction every day. Blog at least once a month (but ideally once a week).

2)      Improve my cooking skills – at the moment they are pretty basic. I tend to stick to the same quick and easy meals as, due to a long commute, I often wouldn’t get home until late. Now my commute is shorter I would really love to be more adventurous and try different things.

3)      Read 25 books.

There we are then – let’s see how I get on.

Does anyone else have any New Year’s Resolutions they would like to share?

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